The festive season is fast approaching, making right now the crucial time to start preparing our skin for all the wonderful glitz and glamour of those Christmas parties you’re so excited about. There’s more to keeping our skin at it’s best than just the products we choose to use – everything from our diets to our stress levels can cause our skin to feel and look look worn. So, take a look at our top tips and say hello to beautifully  healthy, glowing skin!

You Are What You Eat

Sticking to eating a nutritious diet, keeping to the recommended intake of water per day (about 2.7 litres) and getting plenty of beauty sleep are things we all know our skin benefits from all year round.

However,  during the festive party season our usual healthy lifestyles are often put to the test and meeting those criteria gets forgotten. Don’t arrive to an event or party hungry, many people feel as though they should wait until they go out to eat – this will end with negative effects in the long run as  being in a calorie deficit interferes with your ability to connect with your body and eat mindfully. Also, get into the habit of  starting the morning with a big glass of water, to ensure you really feel hydrated.

Relaxation Is Key

As we all know, the festive period can be a very.. very stressful time! But we want to try our best to look great for every Christmas event and party, so try to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself as signs of stress can be easily seen on your skin. Stay positive and don’t try to do everything all at once! Our soothing products will also help you relax this season, for example our luxurious Bema Bio Face is easy application, fast absorption and visible efficacy. This concentrated serum immediately unleashes the toning power of oats and the regenerating power of soy, visible from the very first application. Natural and certified, it penetrates deep down, leaving skin surprisingly toned and supple. Get it here:

Don’t Overdo The Drinks

Alcohol and cocktails can be hard to say no to around Christmas time, but moderation is important. Too much alcohol can leave your skin looking lifeless the next day from dehydration and blocked absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Too much sugary foods or simple carbohydrates are also a cause for a lackluster complexion. They can make your skin look puffy and can also cause collagen to deteriorate. Always remember to cleanse your skin after a night out with our Smoothing Face Scrub for all skin types Also, if you do overdo the drinking this season, why not try out this multifunctional targeted triple treatment with OAT extract, that helps to prevent and reduce those expression lines that form around the eyes and at the same time lighten and brighten the eye area thanks to the enzymatic activity of papaya. Check it out here:

We wish you all the best holiday season.. Don’t forget to use our 3 simple tips to stay looking amazing all year long!