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LUMIN Reload Exfoliating Rub Men, 30ml


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Removing dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer and improve skin regeneration.

Key Ingredients;

Charcoal – Suctions out dirt and impurities from pores that can cause break-outs and premature aging

Rosemary Leaf Extract – Gently yet effectively removes impurities from skin due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

Green Tea Extract – Reduces skin inflammation and soothes skin due to the presence of polyphenols

How to use

Use the Exfoliating Rub no more than 2 – 4 times weekly (this guy’s great for right before a shave). Start with a dry face and massage a nickel-sized amount all over to remove dead skin particles. Rinse with warm water and pat dry, then follow with your favorite moisturizer (hint hint, our own Moisturizing Balm).


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