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OSI Magnesium Oil, 200ml


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OSI MAGNESIUM Oil Sensitive is from the 250 million years old, ancient Zechstein seabed, delivers a large amount of elemental magnesium into the body topically, by penetrating the skin. Spray for daily use. 100% natural.

Dosage: 2.5ml (half teaspoon) contains 125 mg elemental magnesium. In case of chronic health effects, such as emotional and physical stress or strain, injury, special diet, and during pregnancy and lactation, the daily requirement of intake is higher. Recommended for daily use.Effects of Magnesium:

  • make sure the parathyroid glands, which produce hormones important for bone health, work normally
  • Calming effect in case of stress
  • Energizing
  • Maintain relaxing sleep

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