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Clarins Blotting Papers Papiers Matifiants Recharge Refill


2×70 papers

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The solution for removing the excess oil of the skin throughout the day without smudging the makeup. The paper is ultra-absorbent, allowing a quick and effective retouch. This is the secret to keep the makeup looking fresh during the day, with no extra shine or excess oiliness. The key ingredients are the Hemp and wood pulp. They are ultra-absorbent, soft and smooth, providing perfect resistance at each application. Actually, they are so powerful that there is no need for powders. Equally important, the formula does not contain fragrance. Release your skin and makeup from excess oil and shine without the hassle of retouching. This compact on-the-go blotting papers are travel-friendly, ideal to keep close to you wherever you are. With one simple and quick step, refresh your makeup and keep a matte look throughout the day