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Bema Cosmetici Bio Love Pet organic Mosquito Repellent Shampoo, 250ml


With Neem and Geranium Oil

For all types of hair

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Product which, thanks to its gentle formula and the presence of plant extracts, combines a cleansing effect on the coat with an effect repelling mosquitoes and other insects. Neem oil is the oldest known natural insecticide in the world. Obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the Azadirachta Indica, known in Sanskrit as “the healer of all evils”, neem and geranium oil act as completely natural but powerful repellents for insects in general, but mosquitoes in particular. At the same time, the combined effect of sweet almond oil and vitamin E keeps the underlying skin free from irritation, redness and itching.

How to use

apply a moderate amount of shampoo directly onto wet hair or dilute in water. Massage well in order to distribute the product evenly. Rinse thoroughly.